The Laboratory of Studies on Security Governance [LEGS, in Portuguese] was created at the Londrina State University, Brazil, connecting academics and students interested in researching the demands and provision of security in contemporary societies. In 2014 Brazil had dozens of Laboratories and Institutes focused on the study of state actors that are dedicated to the promotion of public security and international security. LEGS is created in this context focusing on the promotion and dissemination of studies dedicated mainly to non-state actors engaged in security governance inside of states and in the international arena.


LEGS’s mission is to capacitate researches and produce knowledge regarding state and non-state actors that promote security in contemporary societies. Its members are dedicated to analyzing (i) the projects, mentalities, technologies, resources and institutional structures that shape the actions of the providers of public security and private security in Brazil and in other parts of the world; (ii) the consequences of these providers’ performance on crime, security, human rights, democracy and international order; (iii) the accountability and legitimacy of these providers, among other topics related to security governance.


  • Privatization and pluralization of security
  • Privatization of war
  • Private security companies
  • Private military and security companies
  • Community governance of crime control
  • Vigilantism
  • Private Justice
  • Public-private partnerships in the area of security
  • Police
  • Criminal Justice
  • Prisons
  • Public security and criminal policy
  • Deviance and crime
  • Social control
  • Governance of security